BHV Expo Groep turns hall into giant sport arena

For the third year in row, BHV Expo Groep is turning over an complete empty hall into a real sport arena. From 30th of october untill the 5th of november, the International Jumping of Liège wil take place at the “Halles des Foires”.

In just 3 days, BHV Expo Groep is building 2500 seats, an lodge of 1200 m2 and also an storage floor of more than 1400 m2.

“An nice project for us. Preparing is the most importing thing for us. Building this in just 3 days isn’t easy. It’s an nice project and we are an proud partner of this event”, says Louis Havermans, director of BHV Expo Groep.

VIP’s preparing for an beautifull Zoute Grand Prix

This year, BHV Expo Groep became an proud partner of the biggest VIP accomodation at the Zoute Grand Prix.

In the trendy part of the Belgium city Knokke, “Het Zoute”, the most luxury car event of the year took place for already the 8th time in row.

BHV Expo Groep build the temporary main VIP structure, which is build as Oliva Doubledeck structure. With the hanging clearspan roof of 35 meter and an depth of 10 meter, this structure is an real eye-catcher at the boulevard of Knokke.

“We are very proud at the fact the organisation choose our company for building this main VIP structure”, says Louis Havermans on behalf of BHV Expo Groep.

BHV Expo Groep is going for 9th edition of Breda Live

Next weekend it’s time for the 9th edition of Breda Live. It’s an very special one, because for the first time, it will take place in 2 days, instead of only the normal saturday.

BHV Expo Groep is involved as supplier of the two doubledeck structures since the first edition in 2009.

“We are very satisfied with BHV Expo Groep as supplier. It’s already the 9th time we work together. Doubledeck structures, fabric or carpet; BHV Expo Groep has it”, says Maarten Stok on behalf of Volver, the organisation.

“Besides sportevents, exhibitions and company events, we are very busy with an lot of festivals”, says Louis Havermans, owner of BHV Expo Groep. “From the first day we are involved with this events, which grows every year. The first edition took place on an saturday, with 600 m2 temporary structures. Nowadays it’s an event for two days and more than 2500 m2 of temporary VIP structures. We are very proud to build this over and over”, says Louis Havermans.