BHV Expo Groep voorzijde

How it started

BHV Expo Groep was founded in Wernhout, The Netherlands, in 1987 by Louis Havermans. In the beginning, the rental consisted mainly of smaller pagoda tents and several festival tents. Pretty soon we’re added exhibition walls, which the addition in our company name (Expo) refers to.

After tremendous growth in renting tents and exhibition materials, the company decided to start with the development, production and renting of it’s own grandstands, succesfully.


BHV Expo Groep also has a company in Belgium. The developing and assembly of our materials, take place in Wernhout, The Netherlands, located between Breda, The Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium. The second generation has joined the company since 2011, which make BHV Expo Groep a real familiy business.


Over the years, a lot has changed in the event sector. Also at BHV Expo Groep, we never stopped thinking about new constructions. After making our own grandstands, we started in 2013 with the development and production of our own multi-deck structures (double- and tripledeck).

Modern company

BHV Expo Groep is also investing in new technology every year. In addition to a modern, fully automatic washing machine and dryer for the sails, all our sails are chipped. We developed a special app, to scan our sails with any smartphone.

Total Suppllier

With all our branches (Tents / Exhibion Stands / Grandstands / Carpet), BHV Expo Groep is becoming your total supplier for every event. BHV Expo Groep is committed to our clients, and only thinks in solutions. We like any short communication, enabling us to react quickly.